Friday, August 5, 2011

Good!!! Fuck 'em!!

I hope they are being introduced to their cell blocks local friendly rapist

I do not trust the police. As I told my wife last night, Im willing to let them EARN my trust, but as a RULE, fuck 'em. Most cops are like most politicians: A general level of sociopathic tendencies drives their need to be in a powerful position. As a society we see it day in,day out, cops abusing their power, knowing they rarely have to answer to anyone. And if and when they do, its a slap on the wrist then back out in the world to continue where they left off. Who will protect us from the protectors? I dont know. I do know this: If you see a pig acting like an ass, call them out on it. In public, in front of people. Yeah, you are probably gonna get tazered, pepper sprayed, boot stomped and arrested (and possibly killed), but hopefully someone has their iphone out and gets it all on video. Dont mess with "knowing your rights", that will get you nowhere. Cops love it when you start spouting off with "I know my rights!!!" as they split your skull open with a night stick or the butt of their revolver. Dont go there. You have NO RIGHTS. You are only as strong as your willingness to take a few bumps. I have spent a few lazy nights in jail, its not too bad. But what it buys in the end is a spotlight on what fuck tards the thugs in blue are. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

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