Sunday, June 26, 2011

Asshole Rattle Snake Tried To Bite Me!

On Fri, I was running down some rocks on a property in Leavenworth while on the phone with a guy I work with, when all of the sudden I hear the unmistakable sound of a buzz snake and before I know it POP! it hits me right in the leg! Fucker! I jumped, screamed like a girl into the phone, the guy on the other end in confused to say the least, as I explain loudly " holy fuck, that asshole rattler tried to bite me!.... I gotta go, Im gonna catch him!" I check my leg for vampire holes, found none, I guess he got me with a "dry bite", more of a warning than anything else, then I proceeded to grab him, take a few pics, threw him in the back of the truck and went on my merry way! I found the nearest house with a big truck that had a " how do you like your CHANGE now" anti- Obama sticker and threw him in their mail box!

Just kidding, but I'm not gonna lie, it did go through my mind! ( I let him go on a deserted road in the mountains)

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james said...

I cant believe that u caught it thats so funny i remmember that.