Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Played a game of SKATE this morn a 9am, which is really a bit too early for such things, but at least the kid I was playing had heart. He was 22 and had not skated in a few years, said he was gonna suck but he played any way. After a couple trys, I could see he was starting to give up, so it turned into a bit of a private skate lesson, which was cool with me. I would describe him as a bit tubby, a ginger, and really awkard, but the dude started to land shit! I felt like a god. He was super stoked and was about to ask me out im sure of it, so i peaced the fuck outta there so I wouldnt have to see the sad look on his face when I would ultimately have to shoot him down. Dude on dude skate park romance will have to wait!

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